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Are you a coliving professional looking to grow your business and take part in the global coliving movement?

Co-Liv is the largest non-profit association of coliving professionals, providing connections, content and resources to our members.

Founded in 2016 in San Francisco, Co-Liv has been a leading ecosystem and do-tank fostering the coliving movement.

To date, Co-Liv counts 250+ members across the globe, 25 ambassadors 
representing Co-Liv in four continents, 10+ events per month with 800 monthly attendees on average, hosted 2 Co-Liv Summits and published several key resources including 2 books and 20+ podcast episodes.

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By getting the Co-Liv Membership, you will be granted access to our online network, receive voting rights for our non-profit organization and be added to our members-only newsletter.

The membership costs only $99 per year and gives you year-long access to our online platform, resources and connections.

Whether coliving operator, developer, investor, community builder or service provider, Co-Liv will connect you with the right people and information to make your business grow.

Discover key business advantages 

Co-Liv's Membership will help you grow within the coliving industry through the right professional connections, some deeper knowledge on coliving and the ability to participate in business growth initiatives (masterminds, publications, PR, trainings).

The Co-Liv Membership will catalyze you 
within the coliving industry:


1/ Become an official member of our non-profit organization

As a Co-Liv member, you also benefit from being a recognized voting body of the Co-Liv association. You will gain rights to elect and run for board positions including presidency,


2/ Get integrated within your local coliving ecosystem.

Get in touch with you local ambassador. Across the world, 25+ countries (and counting!) have local Co-Liv representatives who will become your guide to the local coliving environment. You will also benefit from warm introductions to people who you want to connect with.

3/ Use Co-Liv’s online platform to exchange with professionals.

Get exclusive access to Co-Liv’s online network. Benefit from our members listing, connect with relevant stakeholders, get feedback and advice on your projects, and find your future business collaborators.


4/ Never miss a Co-Liv event 

With our members-only newsletter and our shared Google Calendar, you will be up to date on the dozens of Co-Liv events happening every month. Receive your customized Zoom background to stand out with your name and company logo. Finally, you will also be granted access to all recordings of our events in case you couldn’t attend!

5/ Plunge into the largest coliving resource library.

Become a coliving expert in no time with our Coliving Resources library, an online coliving resource directory assembling a curation of 100+ publications in the coliving sector. It includes summaries from over 10 hours of educational videos, 150+ podcast episodes, and 6,000 pages of content.

6/ Grow your team by promoting your job openings.

Find your new hires by posting on Co-Liv's online network. Co-Liv actively promotes open positions in our members’ companies. Use the Co-Liv network to find your future partners, employees and freelance service providers.

7/ Tap into the largest discount library of coliving service providers.

Grow your business and activities through exclusive deals that Co-Liv has created with a variety of service providers. From partnerships with architects to PMS platforms and HR agencies, benefit from exclusive discounts, free advisory and consulting services.


What our members say

Co-Liv has attracted some of the most prominent coliving organizations within our ecosystem. 

Members include operators such as Casa Campus, Oka Coliving, StartupHome, Coskhouse, Bikube, Gravity Co-living, Urban Campus, StartupHome, Hmlet, Quartus, homefully, The Babel Community, thegoodliving, Urban Leisure Co-living, B-Hive Living, Mason & Fifth, Respublica, Gravity Co-living, Ollie, and The Collective, to name but a few!

Co-Liv is also composed of a variety of different organizations, including major developers, private investors and investment funds, leading architecture firms, coliving soft and hardware providers, urban planners, thought leaders and policy makers.

By being part of Co-Liv, members have formed new partnerships, bought and sold properties, joined ventures, and accessed exclusive insights.

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